Champagne Demiére “Divin” Blanc de Noir brut is September’s Champagne of the Month

In September, we proudly present Champagne A&J Demiere Divin Blanc de Noir Brut as Champagne of the month.

Don’t forget, we always offer Champagne of the month along with the delicious Oscietra Caviar for a Special price.

Champagne A&J Demiere is an exciting bubble from Fleury la Riviére, where Pinot Meunier is the most trending grape for Champagne. The unique terroir filled with shells and fossils adds freshnesh and minerals.

Champagne A&J Demiére is a familyowned and has produced champagne in three generations. Situated in the eastern part of Valee de lar Marne, Demiere is a familyowned house who has produced champagne in three generations, and today, they own 9 acres of land.

In 2002, Jérôme was assigned head of the house. Jérôme is an innovative winemaker, who daily works on storage with steeltanks, oaktree and i egg-shaped cemented containers.

Demiére uses both white and red grapes, but is mostly known for their 100% Pinot Meunier wines.