Delavenne Pere & Fils brut Grand cru is Champagne of the Month in August

In August, we proudly present the delicious Delavenne Pere & Fils Grand Cru as Champagne of the month.

Delavenne blend two harvests only from the family’s vines in Bouzy, planted mid-slope on the hillside, to create a wonderful balance and depth that remains consistent from one year to the next.

The proud family-driven house Delavenne is located in the Grand Cru town of Bouzy, and has produced champagne in generations.

Quality and tradition is at the core of the Delavenne’s DNA. They work with organic principles and as a sustainable farm to ensure the vines for future generations.

“Our champagne is the reflection of the terroir it comes from and of the love of the men who patiently created it.”- winemaker Jean-Christophe Delavenne”

In 2019, the judges tasting notes at IWSC were outstanding: A fantastic example, with a vivacious nose. Very complex and deep, with some ripe fruit, freshly toasted and buttered brioche, and apricot pie, plus intense floral aromas creating a fantastic composition. It is autolytic and well developed, with a long mineral finish.”