May’s Champagne of the month is Vauversin

We are proud to present Champagne Vauversin Oger Crand Cru as May’s Champagne of the month🤩

Last year, Vauversin was some of your favourite bubbles, which meant we had to have them back as Champagne of the month🥂🍾

The Vauversin family has been making Champagne in the Grand Cru village of Oger since 1640. Today, they own 3 acres in the area, and aim at high quality, hence their small production of just 20.000 bottles yearly. So please savour every single drop, you can😋

Laurent Vauversin has taken over the production from his father, Bruno, and belongs to the young generation in Champagne, who is looking ahead and pushing for sustainability. As a results, Laurent chose to convert to biodynamic production as of 2013💚💫

The Grand Cru village of Oger has a very exciting and mineral based terroir, which in turn Laurent has managed to truly understood and use to his advantage🥰

Please come and enjoy this month’s Champagne 🥂🍾